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The list below shows for which other observatories the following datatype is available: Amphibians / Reptiles
(List in North-South Direction)
Other observatories
The list below shows for which other observatories the following datatype is available: Amphibians / Reptiles
(List in North-South Direction)
 Bicuar National Park (S75) - Amphibians / Reptiles
Herpetology work - brief description
The Tundavala observatory is located on a key region of the angolan biogeographic puzzle, with several plant and bird endemisms, where amphibians and reptiles are poorly studied. Herpetofauna in Tundavala is being monitored since April 2016. Monitoring seasons happen three times a year, in the beggining, peak, and end of the rainy season, and consists of using traplines with pitfalls and funneltraps, as well as visual encounter surveys. A summary of species is presented, a number of wich are importante re-discoveries for the Angolan herpetology (see SASSCAL book for more information). Some species have been intentionally omitted from the Tundavala species list, and will be made available on this platform after being published (work in prep.).
In Bicuar National Park, the species list results from a number of non-standardized sampling seasons and opportunistic records inside the Park and in farms located along the park boundaries.
In Cameia National Park, Candelela and Cusseque observatories, the records of herpetofauna are opportunistic.
Note: The information regarding Angolan herpetofauna refers to ongoing research, and awaits formal publication.
Family Species   Common name  
 Species seen at this observatory      Species seen at another observatory
A = Species observed within the observatory  B = Species observed in the surroundings of the observatory
Hemisotidae Hemisus cf. marmoratus (Peters, 1854) Mottled Shovel-nosed Frog B
Hyperoliidae Hyperolius cf. benguellensis (Bocage, 1893) Benguela Long Reed Frog B
Hyperoliidae Hyperolius cf. parallelus Günther, 1858 Angola Reed Frog B
Hyperoliidae Kassina senegalensis (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) Bubbling Kassina B
Arthroleptidae Leptopelis cf. bocagii (Günther, 1865) Bocage's Treefrog B
Ptychadenidae Ptychadena cf. oxyrhynchus (Smith, 1849) Sharp-nosed Ridged Frog B
Bufonidae Sclerophrys cf. poweri (Hewitt, 1935) Power's Olive Toad B
Bufonidae Sclerophrys cf. pusilla (Mertens, 1937)   Flat-backed toad B
Ptychadenidae Tomopterna cf. tandyi Channing and Bogart, 1996 Tandy's Sand Frog B
Pipidae Xenopus cf. petersii Bocage, 1895   Peters' Clawed Frog B
Agamidae Acanthocercus cyanocephalus (Falk,1925) Tree agama A
Typhlopidae Afrotyphlops anomalus (Bocage, 1873) Angolan Giant Blind-Snake B
Agamidae Agama cf. aculeata (Merrem, 1820) Ground Agama B
Lamprophiidae Amblyodipsas ventrimaculata (Roux, 1907) Kalahari Purple-glossed Snake A
Viperidae Bitis arietans Merrem, 1820   Puff Adder B
Lamprophiidae Boaedon cf. fuliginosus (Boie, 1827)   House snake B
Chamaeleonidae Chamaeleo dilepis Leach, 1819 Flapneck Chameleon A
Colubridae Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia (Laurenti, 1768) Red-lipped herald snake A
Elapidae Dendroaspis polylepis Gunther, 1864   Black mamba A
Colubridae Dispholidus typus (Smith, 1828)   Boomslang B
Gerrhosauridae Gerrhosaurus cf. bulsii Laurent, 1954 Keeled Plated Lizard A
Lacertidae Ichnotropis cf. bivittata Bocage, 1866 Rough scaled lizard A
Testudinidae Kinixys belliana Gray, 1831 Hingeback Tortoise B
Gekkonidae Lygodactylus sp. Dwarf gecko A
Scincidae Mochlus sundevalli (Smith, 1849)   Sundevall B
Amphisbaenidae Monopeltis cf. anchietae (Bocage, 1873)   Angolan spade-snouted worm lizard B
Elapidae Naja anchietae Bocage, 1879 Anchieta's cobra A
Gekkonidae Pachydactylus cf. puntactus Peters, 1854 Speckled Thick-toed Gecko A
Scincidae Panaspis cf. wahlbergi (Smith, 1849) Wahlberg's lidless skink A
Pelomedusidae Pelomedusa subrufa (Bonnaterre, 1789) Marsh Terrapin A
Colubridae Philothamnus cf. angolensis Bocage, 1882   Western green snake B
Lamprophiidae Prosymna cf. angolensis Boulenger, 1915 Shovel-snout snake A
Lamprophiidae Psammophis cf. leopardinus Bocage, 1887   Leopard Grass Snake B
Lamprophiidae Psammophis sp.   Grass Snake A
Lamprophiidae Pseudaspis cana (Linnaeus, 1758)   Mole snake B
Pythonidae Python natalensis Smith, 1840 African rock python A
Scincidae Trachylepis cf. wahlbergi (Peters, 1869) African Striped Skink A
Varanidae Varanus albigularis Daudin, 1802 Rock Monitor B
Lamprophiidae Xenocalamus mechowii Peters, 1881   Elongated quill-snouted snake B
Amphisbaenidae Zygaspis cf. quadrifrons (Peters, 1862)   Kalahari Round-snouted Worm Lizard B